Well hello there…

Sorry it’s been so long! 

I have my wonderful 15 month old Emelia, a 3 day a week job, 2 self employed jobs, a house, a husband and now 2 cats which, as you can imagine, keep me extremely busy these days. 

But these should not be excuses, I know there are people out there much busier than me that manage to look after themselves better than I do.

In February I decided it was time for me – that idea lasted 3 weeks and I am still a good 3-4 stone overweight – I still have 2 chins and I currently only post decent pictures of myself from the neck up (which I push my chin up and out in so the chins are reduced 😜) on social media.

I don’t like the way I look and I’m disappointed that a years worth of breastfeeding did little to reduce my belly to the size it was pre-Emelia. It would appear my body did not work in the same way that my other Yummy Mummy friends bodies did. So, I need to sort that out before we even THINK about trying for another baby.

I went and saw David again this week, the last time I saw him was in January 2015 when I desperately wanted a baby but my body just wasn’t doing what it should have been. He is a magic man; his machine found my PCOS before doctors did and his food plan resulted in us having our beautiful rainbow baby.

I wanted to know why the weight wasn’t coming off when I’d used the same plan this February and he ran some tests to find out my body had changed since having her so was working in a slightly different way now. So we’ve come up with a new plan of action and this time it’s a more improved version of my wheat, dairy and sugar free life. 

I have a recipe to show you already and it’s soooo scrummytastic me&Ben make it every other week 😍

This time, as well as not eating the massive long list I had before I also can’t have Beef, Crisps, Takeaways, MSG or anything too acidic. My thyroid isn’t working as it should and my collagen levels (who knew collagen was an important part of the inside of the body?!) are very low. I need to up my Vitamin C like noones business and start to look into ways of sorting my ankles, hips, back, right shoulder&right arm out with more trips to the osteopath and body therapist. 

I’ll be keeping you posted 😃

C x


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