Getting your body back

What a silly thing to talk about “getting your body back to what it was before pregnancy”

I would say that’s not possible. For 9 months a baby grew in my belly, and for another 9 months since, my body has fed my baby. There is no chance of my body ever going back to what it was before pregnancy, because of that!

My boobs are bigger (bonus) but they are also softer in a really lovely way as I continue to breastfeed my daughter. My belly has pregnancy stretch marks on it that will never go away and it also has a jiggle that it never had before.

I am happy to say that today I FINALLY wore a full outfit which I used to wear before pregnancy. And. It. Fit. And when I looked down to my boobs and belly, for the first time in a VERY VERY long time, my boobs were bigger than my belly. I have been looking at my boobs a lot today and inwardly celebrating with a little “woop” that my belly is starting to slim down a bit. 

I’m fully aware my body will never be the same again, and I’m cool with that.

Any other Mummys feeling self conscious about it should feel the same – you wouldn’t have your baby if your body was the same now as it was before you had him/her. Celebrate it, love it, care for it. You only have one body and if you love it with every part of you it will serve you well. 

It’s also amazing at how people look at you differently when you are peaceful in yourself. It’s kind of like your aura lights up and everyone can see it. I haven’t felt like this since I was heavily pregnant and feeling proud of my expanding belly but I’m beginning to feel it again now 😃 

Love C x


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