40+6 in 40+6 out!

My beautiful rainbow baby daughter Emelia will have been out of my belly, at 18:15, as long as she was in it today! She is 40 weeks and 6 days old – the same amount of time I was pregnant for.

These past 9 months have gone in a blur of sleepless nights and millions of nappies, sweetened with baby milestones, beautiful smiles and wonderful glimpses into the sweet, kind hearted, funny daughter we have. She really is totally incredible.

I was speaking to a friend the other day about being a new Mum and told her the truth, this is THE most difficult thing I have EVER done. Hands down. I have total respect for anyone who’s had more than one baby ‘coz this parenting malarky is seriously tough.

If you are thinking about becoming a parent or reeeeeaaaally want a baby, please think about it carefully. I really wanted to be a Mummy and it took me/us over 2 years to become pregnant, people told me it would be tough but so,so worth it. They were 100% right, but tough might not be enough of a word! Being a parent is all encompassing, it completely changes you, your home, your life and your heart. You cannot begin to imagine it until you are a few months in to being a parent to be honest!

I felt I had it easy the first 3 months or so…it was only after that it really became more difficult. With every 3 month stint everything changes, or it has with us anyway. Emelia gets better with age, that’s for sure, but she also gets more demanding and sometimes harder to understand as she gets frustrated with trying to communicate with us. It’s facinating to watch and sometimes frustrating for us as we just can’t understand each other.

However, through all the hard times she is one magnificent rainbow baby who amazes me pretty much everyday. The amount of information she processes is incredible and she really does understand what we are saying to her and I’m absolutely loving it all.

I will never forget the journey we have had to travel in order to have her and as I write this with wet eyes and with her having a peaceful nap in my arms I cannot tell you how much I adore being her Mummy.

40+6 in and already 40+6 out…time is certainly flying and my goodness are we having fun!

Love C xx


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