I make other Mums feel better about their post partum bodies

So we are six months into motherhood.

I’m still fat.

The difficulties with having a massive baby, paired with PCOS and a c-section, and also not being slim to start with. My body seems to want to hold on to every gram of fat or sugar that I put into my body and not let go of it!

I’m still exclusively breastfeeding, woop! Not a drop of formula has touched her lips and to be honest, only about 20ml of water so far too. 

But my body is confused and thinks it needs to hold on to the fat and sugar for Emelia and it’s making me feel pants about the way I look.

I’m still wearing Maternity jeans and anything that covers up my massive droopy belly. I’m a size 14-16 so pretty average but I’m constantly thinking everyone is wondering if I’m pregnant again considering the size of my stomach.

I lost a stone after giving birth and then a further 5 pounds but I’m still a good stone n half heavier than when I got pregnant.

And it seems like aaaaall of my Mummy friends have pinged back to their pre-baby bodies in all of about 2-3 months. Their secret might be exercise and diet, both of which I haven’t done much of, but Emelia doesn’t like sleeping in the day which makes it harder, but not impossible. I’m using her and my PCOS as my current excuses and I’m aware of that.

Once I’ve finished breastfeeding her I’ll properly get on it again with my “No wheat, dairy or sugar diet” but at the moment I’ll concentrate on us getting to know each other.

The weight loss bit can “weight” !!

Love, C


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