She’s here!

Of course she is, I haven’t had an extra few months of being pregnant, but I have been busy getting to grips with becoming a Mummy.

It’s a tad crazy, being completely in charge of looking after a little person! Absolutely wonderful too but still a massive responsibility and continual anxiety of wondering if you’re doing everything correctly or to the best of your ability. (I have been told this feeling is 100% normal!)

I haven’t written a post about her Birth Day yet, it didn’t go to plan. I had intended on having a Home Birth after speaking to a few friends about it and decided that was the route I wanted to take. I wanted calming music, a pool, some affirmations on repeat in the background, some wonderful scented candle burning in the corner of the room and NO intervention. That was the plan, until 38 weeks pregnant.

I had measured small until that point and no-one was worried. My midwife Faye had said I would catch up in the end but by her calculations I was looking at having a 7lb 7oz little girl, maybe 8lbs. On my 38 week checkup though, I was measuring 39cms. I had to go in and get the baby measured as now she could be on the heavy side. She measured 9lb 3oz. They told me they wouldn’t induce me early but that their calculations could be 1lb out either way, because of this I was no longer allowed my home birth. I was pretty gutted. But they were right, she weighed a massive 9lb 15oz when she was born!

The pool that we had paid for and put up a few days before was carefully put back into the box and was never used. I had worked out I was due on the 26th January, the sonographer at our 12 week scan decided on the 22nd January. I went into labour after having my 2nd stretch and sweep on 26th January at 4:15pm, I gave birth EXACTLY 50 hours later on the 28th January at 6:15pm. 

It took a while to get going and I was due to go in to get induced at 9am on the 28th anyway but I’d got to 4.5cms by then so they just burst my waters for me at about 10am. Little madam then decided to move so she was back to back, forcing me to feel like she was coming and therefore making me push. For eight hours. I did this all on gas and air and stood up for about 40 of the 50 hours I was in labour!

It got to about 4:30-5pm and they checked me again and I was 9cms – it hadn’t changed for over 2 hours so it was decided as baby was showing slight signs of distress and I was totally worn out that she would instead be a sunroof baby. I wasn’t expecting it to end like that. I was being read all the possible contra-indications whilst having a 1-2second gap in between contractions, which included “we could cut your baby”, “you might need a hysterectomy”, “you could die”, “you could be paralysed from the spinal” – I had to sign my consent and off we all went into theatre for a Category 2 C-section.

It took a good while getting ready for that but it never felt very long. Ben was worried something had gone wrong as he waited outside for 45 long minutes! It was my fault as my hips had locked up so I couldn’t move from one bed to another and my contractions were getting so strong that it was tough to not push and to stay totally still for the spinal. Once that was in I had to move quickly onto another bed before it took hold, the pain then just disappeared like magic and Ben was allowed into theatre.

Emelia Lyanne was born at 6:15pm on the 28th January weighing a marvelous 9lb 15oz. Having a c-section was certainly NOT an easy option as I’m still having problems from it now but I do wonder how I might be if she’d arrived the other way. 

We thought she was amazing, obviously! Only now do we look back on photos and realise how bloated she was when she arrived.

I managed to get a few of my birth wishes though, out of the many I had wanted at the beginning. We had delayed cord clamping, I also managed to give some cord blood stem cells to help premature babies and I kept my placenta and made it into tablets. I didn’t get to have skin on skin straight away but that was ok, she was fine without it and we still did it within the first hour of her being born anyway.

My birth plan went out the window but I haven’t let it effect me, I thought I may suffer from Post Natal Depression which is the main reason I had placenta tablets but I’ve been fine.

And she, is AMAZING!

Love C x


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