Wow! Pregnancy is really hard!

I’ve wanted a baby for a long time and every one of my friends have given me the impression that pregnancy is the really easy bit, it gets tougher when baby actually arrives. I’m sure it will do but I am not finding pregnancy quite as easy as everyone else, OR I’m just a wuss. This could be very accurate actually!

The first seventeen weeks were a bit weird and not very nice to be honest. I was feeling just fine until about 6 weeks in, then all of a sudden my hips were killing me, so were my boobs, I felt and was sick most mornings and I couldn’t even go into the kitchen let alone make any breakfast, lunch or dinner. Breakfast ended up being anything that would be easy to puke back up again. I haven’t managed to eat much bread stuff since, bread and butter is not nice to bring back up again, nor are rice cakes or Crunchy Nut Cornflakes! Those have been left out of my diet since. I did quite like Breakfast Boulders though, they turn into a powder and that’s not so bad on their return. I had a massive addiction to Rice Krispy Squares and they are still a staple food when I’m feeling a bit sicky now. As you can tell, my previous PCOS diet has gone totally out of the window. Interestingly enough, if I eat raw fruit or veg, or drink fruit or veg juice it totally kills my stomach – the pain is unbearable. So sadly I have had to keep off them since week 6/7.

I tried the pressure point bands to help with the sickness, a few people suggested to eat my way through it but that was tough too. I spent most of the first 12 weeks fanning myself at work with some sort of paper in order to reduce my sicky feelings. But I couldn’t stop being sick at home in the morning or at work, not until week 17 at least. Being sick at work wasn’t pleasant either and running around looking like I was going to be sick probably made the pregnancy more obvious to my colleagues too!

At least the sickness has gone now, I’m very relieved about that. Now the problems are my hips (they are incredibly painful if I have been walking a lot and Ben needs to help me move in bed as I can’t move) and my sleep is massively affected. It’s not because I need to get up to pee every hour, because I don’t but for some strange reason I just end up lying there waiting to get to sleep if I wake in the middle of the night. I’ve tried a few different breathing techniques to help me out but nothing seems to work at the moment and I’m getting about 3-5 hours sleep a night. I have been doing a bit more exercise, if you can call it that when I’m going up and down the stairs sorting our house out. But that has seemed to help with my sleep recently. I do try and do yoga once a week but tiredness has taken it out of me recently which has stopped me from going.

I’m loving my growing belly though. For my entire adult life, since I was 18, I have always been very conscious of my stomach as my hips are slightly out of line and tip forward – it means I have a pert bottom (bonus!) but it also means I have a bit of a gut (not so much of a bonus) I remember when I went away for a hen party when I was 18 in Barcleona and I was a size 10, we went out in bikinis and grass skirts and TWO men, at different locations, asked me when I was due to give birth! That was it, the belly was never out in public again unless I wanted a decent sunbed tan on holiday! Being pregnant makes it totally OK to celebrate my gorgeous belly though and what it is doing for me and it feels absolutely wonderful 🙂

It is just the most incredible thing watching your belly move and it would be so cool if you could have a machine which allowed you to look at the baby whilst you are home so you can see what they are doing – some of the movements and jiggles feel so odd you just don’t know what’s happening in there!

C x


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