I’ve been a crappy blogger…

I’m sorry, I’ve been a crappy blogger. I’ve suffered from Bloggers Block and I’ve not posted anything for ages.


I’ve been finding it tough to be honest. I am so very happy that we are going to be having a baby, I truely am, even if I might be totally scared too! But with sharing my story of losing our first baby due to an ectopic pregnancy, finding out I have PCOS and sharing my journey to motherhood comes another wonderful but sometimes heartwrenchingy tough thing – people talk to me about their stories.

It is the best thing to break through the taboo of talking about losing a baby and for friends to talk to me about their losses. I try my hardest to give support to everyone especially as so many of them have suffered 10 times worse than I have. But with this comes a massive sadness in me, I want to hug each and every one of them so tight that their broken hearts mend and they don’t need to go through that dreadful pain anymore. I want them to believe me when I tell them it will get easier. It does, it really does get better, I promise. So many of my friends have and still are going through some seriously tough times at the moment, I think about them so much, sending little prayers to them in the hope it helps a little.

On the more positive side, some friends tell me their wonderful pregnancy journeys before they tell anyone else! I am the one they want to tell at 4 or 6 weeks just so they can tell someone. It’s absolutely beautiful to see their posts on Facebook when they’ve had their 12 week scan and they can share that joy with everyone else. My heart nearly bursts everytime I witness that.

I think as you get older you realise that everything has a reason for happening in your life. It builds our character, it makes us stronger and it makes us really appreciate the good things in life.

I am blessed to have lost my first baby, to have found out I have PCOS, to have lost 2 stone in a matter on months, to now be able to share my story with you and to help others in the tough journey that is pregnancy and then motherhood. It has all happened for a reason. The reason for my crappy few years is to help others, to talk about the taboo’s in life about loss and probably pregnancy and parenthood too. (I won’t hold back, I promise!)

I’m sorry I’ve been a crappy blogger, but for a minute I forgot why I was blogging and that was to help others. I won’t forget that again.

Love C xx


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