Wow! We did it!

Wow! Keeping the pregnancy secret for 12 weeks is tough, but from determination, changing the diet and having full faith that every change would work, we are actually pregnant. We are having a very longed for baby. It even seems weird to type that out even though I have seen them on the screen. I am going to finally become a Mummy. I get to experience everything that my other friends have and that just feels incredible.


It’s been one hell of an emotional roller-coaster and I’m pretty sure it will continue for many more years to come, but at the moment me and hubby are both feeling incredibly lucky and relieved to have come this far.

I’ve lost just under 2 stone since starting my new journey in March and not only do I look so much different, I feel different too. The diet has not been going quite to plan since about week 6 of pregnancy as I have been so sick with it, but the sickness does seem to be reducing a bit now. We are at week 15 and as the placenta has been formed it generally reduces the sickness symptoms. Wow, they were not nice! Many of my friends have given me advice on it. Here’s mine for other ladies going through the tough first 12 weeks (or longer)

1. Always have something in your belly if you are feeling sick, it is TEN times more horrible to puke with nothing in your belly.

2. Try flat Lemonade when you first wake up in the morning, just a few little sips before you go for your first morning wee really helps to settle the belly.

3. If you cannot stomach going into the kitchen (like me, for nearly 3 months) then get hubby to bring you up some dry cereal to nibble on after the lemonade. I quite liked Crunchy Nut Cornflakes but then puked them up so haven’t managed to go back to them since, but Golden Nuggets are good as they turn into a powder and are not so horrible to puke up. The sugar in them really helps to make you feel better when you wake up too.

4. Toast/ Bread and Butter is SO a no-go. I tried that when I was feeling awful at about week 6/7, obviously it came back up and that was TERRIBLE! I haven’t been able to stomach eating either since in the morning, just in case!

5. Eat whatever you fancy. If you have had an incredibly well balanced diet before getting pregnant your baby will be just fine if you need to eat some crappy food for a few weeks. I had been getting hubby to cook dinner (I couldn’t even go into the kitchen without gagging!) but when he dished it up I couldn’t eat it! So we now have a deal that I tell him what I fancy at about 3pm and he goes to Tesco to get it so we don’t waste food.

My advise is simply from my own experience and not recommended by professionals, but it may help some of you.

I did promise to scream from the rooftops about my diet if I managed to get pregnant on it and I will, when I have a little more energy. I am so very aware that what works for one may not work for another, but if you have tried everything but changing your diet I would very very much recommend taking out the extra hormones you are accidentally putting into your body from eating non-Organic foods. All me and hubby ate for a good few months was Organic fruit and veg and Organic, Corn Fed Chicken and pretty much nothing else. My body rid itself very quickly of all of the toxins in my body to allow my hormones to go back to where they should have been – and allowed me to get pregnant. It really was that simple for me. And if you don’t try it yourself, you may not know that it may also be that simple for you too.

Love from a super happy, very tired, still feeling sick, Carrie x


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