Love yourself

As I’m approaching my 30th Birthday I’m realising that being happy with yourself (brain&body) is really what it’s all about!

I’m not saying I’m there YET, but I’m getting closer to loving myself, every bit of me and it feels really good. I’ve spent a lot of my 29 years beating myself up and not really realising it until I start to feel really low and pretty ill. Weird really that it has taken me so long to realise it’s my own fault but at least I have before I’m too old to do anything about it!

me and hubby

Losing a bit of weight has really helped. However, I’m not saying that’s the answer to everyones problems as it certainly isn’t. But being able to look in the mirror and approve of what I see now has really helped me. I’m now all for photos being taken of me again which have been lacking these past 12 months or so. 

I have been told I have a pretty face and it’s nice but I never believed anyone, really. I look loads better with makeup on, or so I thought! I went to a friends house for dinner the other week and had to have a shower at hers after dinner as our water cylinder had decided to split the day before. I was REALLY tempted to reapply my whole face of makeup so she and the other girls didn’t have to see my ‘naked’ face. They ALL said I looked exactly the same! Makes me wonder if I should bother spending ten minutes everyday on making myself look better. It’s helped me feel OK going out without makeup on recently.

My hubby has always been complimentary on my figure and he’s been by my side from when I was a teeny size 8, til last year where I was squeezing into a size 16, buying size 18’s but saying I was more ‘inbetween sizes’. He’s loved my figure more as I’ve got bigger as I’m much more huggable. He’s a confident man, I want to raise our kids to feel the same way he does about his body, that he’s just perfect the way he is and nothing needs to change. He is subtley confident and doesn’t care what people think about him, he’s an inspiration to me. 

So I took this picture in bed yesterday. 


I have never liked my legs, if I actually worked out at the gym they might be a bit more shapely like my Mums. But my feet…eeeep! My big toe could hail a taxi and my toes cross over. Another massive bug bear of mine, I ALWAYS wear closed in shoes so no-one sees the toes. Someone asked me a few years back if all my toes were broken once and that was it – flipflops only on holiday and NEVER at home. 

But now, look how far I’ve come! I took this picture and thought “I look good enough to put that picture on Facebook” WOW, I even impressed myself. 

You can do it too, I promise you it’s not that hard. Please don’t look to plastic surgery to fix your body issues, it may not work and can actually cause you to look at other parts of your body to change – become comfortable in your own skin, warts&all, you will feel MAGICAL, POWERFUL, BEAUTIFUL, promise.

Love, C x 


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