I make stuff too!

I LOVE to craft! I always have done. Anything that is colourful, messy, glittery, requires glueing – I’m on it! 

When I was little, my Grandad used to buy those magic colouring books, the ones that needed only water on the pages and all of a sudden you had a colourful masterpiece! They were amazing! I’m not sure if you can get them any more but I would buy them again.

I have 3 brothers and 1 sister and boys don’t tend to want to craft, I tried to persuade them but I was never going to win, although I could get them to draw occassionally. My sister though, totally different. She crafts things that I can’t do and it’s amazing! She’s only 13 and always asks me why I can craft better than her…she’s 16 years younger than me but doesn’t seem to quite understand it! Very cute!

My most popular makes are to celebrate the birth of babies which are just so cute! I also make Christening pictures too. Here’s a selection of my makes.


What do you think? They take me HOURS to make but I really think they look amazing, even if I do make them myself!

You can order one by emailing me at buttonaholics@yahoo.co.uk or visit my Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/buttonaholics

I make lots of other beautiful things too but I shall leave those for another post 😃

C x


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