On the menu last week…

Sorry to have been so quiet recently, sometimes life takes over and you forget to blog!

I have been trying out a few new recipes recently AND some new food. My current addiction are these totally insanely amazing Booja-Booja champagne chocolates! They are very expensive but totally worth the money. You keep them in the fridge until you want to devour them then take them out of the fridge, leave to warm to room temperature and then eat them. The are rich so you won’t need many of them (I can only handle 2 each time) so a box of 12 lasts at least a week 😉 They are Dairy Free, Organic, Gluten and Soya Free and totally indulgent. I bought these from Amazon but you can get smaller and different flavoured packs from Waitrose in the fridge and I have just been informed, Tesco’s sell them too.

You know when all you fancy is a roast? We had to have one on Sunday night, all Organic, the chicken was Free Range, Organic and Corn Fed and the food was absolutely LUSH. Gluten free gravy too – Bisto Best comes in loads of different flavours, it does have a few bad things in but as it’s something not eaten regularly I think it’s OK to eat it once in a while. We cooked the potatoes in coconut oil which made them super crispy and scrummy and popped some Organic butter in with the swede and some honey with the parsnips. I could eat this meal every night!

Finally, I found out that NAKD have made a few new foodie items. They a such a fab company with great values and these really caught my eye! They also come in a Fruit Salad flavour and Salted Caramel too. Made with dates and raisins and nuts these really are little nibbles of toffee heaven, if a little too sweet for me. Fab to snack on in an afternoon.

Now I really need to find the time to make some more goodies of my own, I have SO many ideas floating around in my head I really must make something this week.

C x


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