If this diet works and I get pregnant from eating Organically, I am telling the WORLD!


I really think changing my diet is changing my life – I have never felt better for it!

I want to scream it from the rooftops that everyone should eat Organically, just because it makes you feel SO much better! You really know what you are putting into your body, so there are no weird and wonderful pesticides or hormones within you, messing up your own hormones. This I feel is really the trick if you want to have a baby and you are finding it hard to – cut out the crappy food you are eating and go Organic!

It sounds scary, I know it does, but you can still eat incredible food and feel full on it.

Try going refined sugar free too – no coke, no sugary drinks, no jam on toast, no sweets, no chocolate (unless it is raw and contains no sugar, soya lecithin or dairy) no cakes, no biscuits, no ice-cream. You WILL feel crappy for a few days, it was about 10 days for me and it will make you want to climb the walls and the temptation to eat all of the sugar in the house will try to tip you over the balance but once you are over it you will feel empowered, clean, energised and healthier. It also does wonders for your skin – you look a good few years younger if you give up sugar too! Weirdly my face looks calmer and a few people have said I look a little tired, but it’s actually from my face having less wrinkles and my body and mind being clean and free from all the bad toxins, therefore relaxing my face!

Then try going caffeine free, this was never a problem for me as I don’t drink any energy drinks, coke, tea of coffee, so I have never needed it, but it is a stimulant drug and it needs to be stopped from clogging up your normal receptors in your body. Cut that awful stuff out!

Then there is the meat – now, beef, duck, pig and chicken contain a HUGEMUNGUS amount of hormones in them. However, if you go for corn fed Organic chicken then there will be little to no chance of any extra hormones in the meat. Steer well clear of beef as that’s the worst of them all for extra hormones, the poor cows. But you can eat fresh, unfarmed fish, but not salmon as that has also been pumped full of hormones.

If you find this really hard you can use Tofu subsitutes for meat but Soya is one of the highest containing oestrogen products you can buy. My doctor said he had heard that people who had been on Soya for 5 years or longer as they were intolerant to milk have found that if they cut it out of their diet they can get pregnant almost immediately – how flipping scary is that?! I have been having soya milk everyday with my cereal for over 5 years as well as having a soya yoghurt, I also love Tofu. Did you know Soy sauce, Tofu, Soya products and Edameme Beans are ALL from Soya?! Cut this all out if you can, more so if you are dairy intolerant and have been using it for over 5 years.

Finally, fruit and veg – did you know they coat a lot of veggies with milk?! It makes them glisten in the light and it keeps them looking fresher for longer! So for the kids who have dairy intolerances and you feed them cucumber and red pepper sticks with dips and they still have a bad tummy…peel the cucumber and give them carrots instead, peeled too. So, not only are the readily available fruits and vegetables covered in milk, they have also been blasted with gazillions of pesticides to make them grow at a crazy stupid rate so they can get them onto our shelves quicker…think about what that is doing to our bodies. Really, think about it. If they are putting pesticides and hormones all over our food and we eat them, what on earth are they doing to us?!

That is scary to me.

So scary I can only eat Organic food now.

And I won’t be going back. EVER.

If this diet works and I get pregnant from eating Organically, I AM telling the WORLD!

C x


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