Enjoying nature and overcoming fears

I had a lovely weekend catching up with friends and sometimes the best thing to do is have a good ol’ natter and enjoy what the world has to offer! Penny and I went to Swanage and walked in from her parents house, only about a mile away and the beach was so lush. We had some chips from the Fish&Chip shop, watched the seagulls and pigeons and enjoyed the waves crashing onto the beach.

Swanage always seems to be the last town before the end of the world to me…it takes me about about half an hour to get to but it’s so cute when you get there. Look at the fab houses…right in the town centre too. Then there is the carriage tea house, ready for coffees, teas and cream teas, the cutest thing ever!

That all happened on Saturday, it ended up being pretty warm but crazily windy but we pottered around the shops and bought SO many goodies from the health food shop on the high street (sorry hubby!)

On Sunday I wasn’t feeling too well on the drugs so had to go back to bed for a nap about lunchtime, but late afternoon we headed over to our friends for a BBQ. It was so good, and we followed the sun around in their insanely massive garden with our chairs!

I overcame a few fears yesterday – I went out without makeup on; this is something I NEVER do. I am a full face of makeup everyday kind of girl and the idea of going makeup free totally frightens the living daylights out of me! But I did it, I even have photos to prove it (although I did wear sunglasses for most of the day!) I also have a fear of wearing my hair up (unless gardening, doing yoga or at home, so no-one else ever sees me) as I think my face looks extra chunky if I don’t cover up under a blanket of hair. I’m also not keen of profile pictures of myself. Well I overcame both of those fears too – wearing my hair up all day AND hubby took a secret picture of my profile; which made me feel better about it as it doesn’t look as bad as I thought! (It might be to do with losing weight from my face actually) So to show off and also remind myself that I look just fine without makeup on, with my hair up and from the side, here is proof! Sometimes you just need to overcome a few things to realise that it doesn’t matter what people think and that sometimes you just need to get over it and grab some self confidence from within 🙂 I might even do this again this weekend.

“Confidence is the sexiest thing a woman can wear”

“Confidence is like a muscle: the more you use it, the stronger it gets”

Love, C x


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