I love my bed!

Isn’t it just THE best place in the world?! I’m feeling pretty emotional at the moment and pretty sick from taking these tablets, but getting into bed at the end of the day is just the best! 10152565_10155342617350085_6479123009070489258_n Cushions make it look even cuter too! I invested in an extra white head pillow the other day and that makes it even more luscious…can you see I am desperate to get back in to bed already?! I have a special diary I write in too, called One Line A Day, which is actually a 5 year diary, it’s amazing! Every night before bed I write 6 lines about what I have been up to and so far, I have only missed one day 🙂 10885562_778768275512058_9085192348278374655_n If you fancied buying one then here is a link to one on offer at the moment


I can’t wait until I get writing in it next year so I can look back on what’s happened in my life since the year before. When we do get pregnant and have a baby I can see this being a rather interesting read! C x


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